Frail and timid, Botto is a far cry from what one would think of as a healthy Bog Trog. His scales are a faded pink rather than a vivid green and his eyes are bulbous milky orbs. His features are gaunt and sickly, and his entire body is covered in a thin odorous film that leaves a slick trail in his wake.


They say Botto is a seer, a soothsayer, or an oracle. That he possesses the gift of future-sight that has taken everything from him – his health, his mind, and his destiny. No one truly knows where he was born or what his life was like before he was afflicted, but everyone knows that he is Golblat’s most prized slave. Some even whisper that much of the Slave-master’s success is due to Botto’s visions of what will be.


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