Samson Jokore


A hulking mass of muscle and scar-tissue, Samson’s lift has been one of toil and hardship. A life of menial labor followed by over a decade of bloodshed in the Arena has forged Jokore into a mighty warrior. But for all his martial prowess and might, he is still very naive.


Once Golblat’s most prized Gladiators, Samson made a name for himself on the blood soaked sands of Shatterbone Keep. With a reputation for unyielding brutality and possessing a lengthly litany of victories in his master’s name, Samson was a keystone in his master’s quest to amass wealth and influence. As a reward for all the blood he spilled and all the victories he won in his owner’s name, Samson was awarded with rank and station within the keep – the only non-farrow allowed to walk the halls unshackled. His loyalty is without question.

Samson Jokore

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