Kalgarth the Bold


You’ve only heard tell of Kalgarth, never having been given the opportunity to peer into his shadowy, fortified cell to get a peek for yourself.

Stories say he is formidable and gargantuan by Farrow Standards. As mighty as an Ogrun, as stalwart as a Trollkin, and as strategicly masterful as the brightest military minds in all the Human kingdoms. The legends seem too surreal to be true, but perhaps there is some truth to them??


Legends are whispered amongst the hushed, shadowy cells about the mighty Kalgarth. Raised by the most viscious Farrow warband in the Bloodstone Marches, and a warrior without peer, Kalgarth made a name for himself by leading his brigands in felling a Skorne Titan and its owning Warlock. His renown grew and grew until he stood in the shadow of names such as Helga and Carver. But the stories rarely push beyond the uprising and the victory that over-threw the kingdoms.

Some say he fell in the final battle against the Priests of the Fire God, Menoth. Others say he chafed against the dominion of Carver and struck out on his own. Others still claim that he was betrayed by his closest friend and has been locked away as a prized trophy ever since. You can’t be sure what parts of his saga are truth or fairy tale, but you’re fairly certain others in the dungeon claim the heavily fortified cell in the dankest, darkest corner contains said hero.

Kalgarth the Bold

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