Golblat the Soft


Portly and stout, Golblat is more reminiscent of a rotund human merchant than a hard-skinned Farrow warlord. This is partly due to his garish accoutrements and lavish tastes, but also in part, due to his abnormally soft pink skin. While most Farrow have thick, leathery hides and ornery dispositions, Golblat is soft-skinned and smooth tongued. A pair of traits that have won him a surprising amount of infamy and renown throughout the Farrow provinces


Born to the same muck and squalor as all Farrow, but always viewed with an even greater amount of loathing and ire from his kin than most, Golblat’s formative years were marked by struggle and a dream of greatness. Unfortunately for the young swine he possessed absolutely none of the attributes that the Farrow valued, save resourcefulness. Using his cunning Golblat bent every effort to gaining the friendship of the mightiest warrior in the clan, and the son of the Warlord, Kalgarth. The warrior wasn’t the same breed of brutal tyrant as most Farrow and lived by a certain uncharacteristic warrior code – which allowed him to see the value in the Soft-skinned one. They became friends and aided each other through countless battles – Kalgarth becoming the foremost warlord in the region after claiming leadership after his father’s passing, and Golblat becoming his Quartermaster and head of logistics.

When Lord Carver began uniting the clans for the war to come Kalgarth swore fealty to Helga and his war band became a well oiled military machine, crushing all those who stood against them. But after the war was won and there were no more battles to be fought Golblat played his final hand. Spending all the resources he had amassed under the protection of Kalgarth, the soft-skin betrayed his long-time friend. He used bribery, blackmail, extortion, and subterfuge and usurped everything Kalgarth had fought and bled to achieve. Confining the warrior to a cell to rot while he indulged in all the wealth and glory that did not belong to him, Golblat was one of the first the invest in the swiftly rising industry of the Games, and has quickly risen to be a prominent curator of the events.

Golblat the Soft

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